Merry Christmas Eve!

It’s  day 7 of my journey across the country to the West Coast in search of my dream to attend culinary school.

I’ve driven 3,300 miles, conquered 15 states, and cased endless amounts of Juicy-Juice boxes.

Sure, you take one sip and your done, but these little guys got me through some rough times.

First time touching the Pacific Coast right there!

Seconds later, these Pacific waves knocked me over, leaving me drenched in salty water for the day.

And I loved everything single second of it.


‘Cause I’m in California, baby!

Wednesday night around 6:00 pm (Pacific time) we crossed the border of Arizona into California after traveling through some crazy sporadic weather.

Travel Tip: If you ever decide to travel Interstate 40 through the Mojave Desert, avoid the town of Ludlow, unless you’re into Texas Chain Saw Massacre shenanigans.

We’ve been in Marina Del Rey just outside of Los Angeles for two days now, and I’m in love.

California truly is a magical place.

I’m never coming back!

Next on the agenda: Driving up Route 1 to Stinson Beach to spend Christmas/my birthday at Chance’s Aunt’s home, and finally checking out culinary schools!


6 thoughts on “California

  1. Can that picture of you riding a bike be your default picture because it is absolutely perfect!
    The first time I went to California (which was the LA area) it was magical, so I’m so happy your feeling that. Please come back, myself and the everyone in Rhody will and is missing you! I bet the family misses you as well (that’s a given!)
    From experiences with the Pacific ocean, personally I think it’s more salty, which I prefer. :)

    Merry Christmas Eve Biddy and Chancery too!

    1. Fabulous!! Takes me back to when I got to California way back in 76’…I thought it was majic too and never wanted to come home either……

  2. Love your blog. So happy you had a great time in MDR. Only wish we could have been there to hang out, but we’re overseas right now. I do love a cross-country road trip – be sure to check out the national parks next time. Have fun in Stinson – another magical place.

    1. Thanks Bethany! Chance and I truly appreciate you and Marc allowing us to stay at your home. I don’t think I could have experienced my first time in California in a better way :)

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