Day 1 + 1000 miles= Nashville, TN

It’s 7 am eastern time, but I just realized I am in another time zone…

I’ve been driving for the past 3 and half hours.

I’ve eaten 1st breakfast (totally getting 2nd breakfast later) at Waffle House around 2 am.

I’ve seen more churches and Super Walmarts than I’ve ever wanted to.

And I really don’t want to admit this, but I’ve been in McDonald’s more than any other restaurant on this trip.

But that’s all okay.

Because we’re in Nashville baby!

Yep, we made it all the way to Nashville, and now I’m sipping  a latte (aka hot milk) in McDonalds trying to find a motel.

Sleep is probably a good idea, since I’ve gotten probably 4 total if that. We plan on spending the day in Nashville, but then it’s back on Route 40…

Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Day 1 + 1000 miles= Nashville, TN

  1. hmmm….McDonalds huh! Well I always thought they had good coffee. Stay safe and check in occasionally. Let’s have some Nashville pictures later.

    1. Nashville!!! That’s a lot of driving. Don says I would have started whining about calling it a day somewhere at @ the 500 mile mark. Hmmph! And yes, I agree with your mom. McDonalds really does have the best coffee!! Kiss Chance for me….in a motherly way.

  2. Nashville! holy shit you guys are booking it! I hope you’re getting a little bit of your country on down there, maybe some square dancing?

    Hope you find a motel :) and note, make sure it’s not one of those motels that charge by the hour… cuz you know what you’ll be getting there haha

    stay safe and continue to have an amazing time!! miss you a lot and of course chancery too

    right now, as you’re in nashville, i am currently on the 3rd floor of the library attempting to do my research paper and study for my last final in college ever on Tuesday… so yeah please do a little grapevine dance move for me down in nashville

    love always,
    your filipina gal pal :)

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