“Nothing Happens Unless First We Dream.”

Summer 2010, Acadia, ME

Hi there,

I’d like to invite you on a journey with me.

Before I explain, here are the details, so you can plan a head:

Estimated Departure: Saturday, December 18th, 2010.
Estimated Arrival: No freakin’ idea!
Destination: Where ever my Malibu takes us.

Okay, okay, I’ll get to the main point!

Saturday, December 18th, 2010,  I will be headed West…

…On an American, cross-country road trip, baby!

For three weeks, I will be on an excursion traveling across the country to follow my dream to attend culinary school. No worries, I am not leaving the East Coast, yet. This is just a visit, but an epic one at that.

Spring 2009, Adirondack Park, NY

One of our main destinations is The Culinary Institute of America, in St. Helena, California (Napa Valley area).

If I choose to go this school, I can tell people I’m in the C.I.A…cool.

We also plan to shoot up North to Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. to check out some more schools.

Luckily, I’ll have my personal survival guru, Chance, aka the boyfriend, with me on my journey. One could say that he has a little experience with this kind of stuff. He’s hitchhiked his way across the States, and even managed to see all of Iceland by hitchhiking. Crazy, no? As “Christopher McCandless” as that sounds, we won’t be doing any hitchhiking… dadio would kill me.

This will be my first time visiting the West Coast, though.

And I’m freakin’ out, man!

My life decisions have always been driven by my passions, and culinary school has always been a dream of mine. If it weren’t for my track scholarship, I’d probably be graduating from Johnson and Wales next semester. This may surprise a lot of people, (others not so much, and thanks for dealing with me) but track is not my passion, and never has been. Sometimes, you must do what you have to do to do what you want to do. Track was definitely something I needed to do, and it’s been a big factor in shaping me into the person I am today.

A10 Championship 2009, Charlotte, NC

And as much as I will miss my team, I am ready to finish that chapter of my life, so I can focus on my true passion: food.

This may sound strange, but I am not going to culi school to become a chef/baker at a restaurant/bakery. Which by the way I have to choose a concentration: baking or culinary? It doesn’t sound too crazy that I hope to become a dietitian as well as attend culinary school for baking, right?

So, what exactly do I want to do? Hmm…

Maybe, one day, I will be a personal chef/dietitian, or even a professional food blogger?

Perhaps, one day, you will walk into my bakery/coffee shop?

Heck, maybe, one day, I will be a salsa dancer…

Hey, I’m a dreamer…

…and dreams are necessary for life.

Sure, I may not know my exact destination, but I do know the direction in which I am headed. And as of right now, I know culinary school is my next stop, and I’m going with that feeling.

So, as far as the road trip goes, at the moment, nothing is set in stone, and we are kind of just going with the flow…

We don’t know the route we will be taking, nor the day we will arrive in Cali.

We don’t know what attractions we will be seeing along the way, (The Grand Canyon is definitely on the list. Cliche, but isn’t it so mysterious? I watch a lot of National Geographic Channel), or even the greasy spoons we will be dining at.

I do know that I have a map (I wanted to go classic, but my mother insisted we get a GPS), an amazing boyfriend, and a working car (crossing fingers), that will accompany me on my three weeks of pure adventure.

And I’m hoping that you will join me! Hopefully, throughout our trip,  I’ll be able to mooch some WIFI because I plan to document the whole thing here, at Love at First Bite!

Oh yeah, we are doing this vagabond style, too. What exactly does that mean?

Basically, many days in the same clothes, some chilly nights in a tent, delicious outdoor cooking, too many days without showering, and countless road tasted food.

As far as showering goes, Chance told me to bring a bar of soap for bird baths…

Bird baths?

Look, I’m a tough cookie, and I can deal with getting dirty, but sinks are just not my thing.

Oh yeah, and I have to pack for every occasion and every season, but here’s the catch: One bag

Jeez, I don’t know how Chance does it. By no means do I classify myself as a “girly-girly,” but when he told me this, I told him he was crazy. One bag?

I better find myself a really big bag.

And then we made a deal: I can bring as much food as my heart desires, so long as all my clothes fit into one bag.

He knows me too well.

Oh, I won’t be around for Christmas, either. Hey, it’s my birthday, I can do what I want! Sure, I’m gonna miss my crazy family, holiday cooking, the tradition of my amigos coming over on my birthday, etc. However, to me, the thought of having no clue as to what State I will be in for Christmas, or New Years is awesome. That’s just me, though.

I wanted to wait to tell everyone, but I couldn’t suppress my excitement any longer. And if anyone has any advice, I’m all ears! Maybe you know of some awesome places that are a must see? Don’t be afraid to share the love.

For now though, I most likely will be M.I.A. on the blog until finals are over, which is the 17th for me. Although, I haven’t really accomplished much while thinking about this trip. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on any updates.

P.S. Live ya life.


11 thoughts on ““Nothing Happens Unless First We Dream.”

  1. well now that you know i read this, i guess its not so weird if i leave a reply.

    i’ve actually been planning on doing something like this with some homies for awhile. current plans are for some point in a couple of years, in which i’ll hit all the major cities in the country without paying for lodging at any point. i did figure out lots of places when i would be able to shower and such (like car washes) so it wouldn’t get too rank..

  2. ever since you told “live ya life” i’ve been trying to do that. i give you so much props for doing this because being the anal planner i am, i couldn’t do it…well i could but it would totally be outside my comfort zone.
    also i give you even more props for packing clothes in one bag… I have a huge bag if you need it :)

    can’t wait to follow you over your road trip and i hope you’ll have signal on your bday/xmas cuz you’ll be getting a call from me, hopefully you won’t be somewhere with no signal but that’s highly likely.

    you better picture text message me and sam some momental things you come across on your road trip

    and being the mother i am, be safe and make sure you stay warm :)

    1. haha yes I know about the CIA in New York, which I hear has an amazing campus but they don’t have the ACAP program there that I’m interested in.. so I’m off to Cali… plus, it gives me an excuse to go out there!

  3. sounds like so much fun, I’ve always wanted to do that minus the whole sleeping in a tent thing-I might actually do a mini road trip around march down to Tennessee and try to stop at as many diners drive-ins and dives on the way there!…have fun!

  4. I hope to one day drive across the states and see all of the sites- its just one of those cliched American stereotypes I suppose, roadtripping and all that ( I watch too many films!)
    But wow culinary school? I kinda wish I’d decided to go into the culinary world when I was younger!I’v been on the London Le Cordon Bleu websites a few times, unfortunately its not an option for me at the moment! Maybe if I win the lottery, and am a lady of leisure, and need to pick up as much hobbies as possible to fill my time, then I’ll apply :)

    (Oh and as a sidenote, my boyfriend used to work at the CIA- Cardiff International Arena!)

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