Wanna Cookie?

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to share my exciting news with you all. Love at First Bite reached over 1,000 views!

Whoa, she really does have friends

Now, this measly number may seem like chump change compared to the other food blog sites out there, but this is a landmark for me. So to all my readers, thanks for checking out my blog! I really appreciate all the love, and support. If I only knew every single one of you, I would make treats for all!

But I’ll tell you what…because I’d really like to hear from you, if you tell me:

1.your name
2. what your favorite food is
3. or anything you’d like to ask me or tell me

you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a goodie! (brownies/cookies: I’m thinking something I can ship without getting mangled)

And don’t you worry, I will either A.) hunt you down and hand deliver to you or B.) send them in the mail to you by plane so they arrive in perfecto condition. Okay, maybe not by plane, but who doesn’t like getting a treat in the mail?

(Disclaimer: Chance, Hayden, Zach, and Tadz are excluded from this goodie give away…sorry guys)

Just be sure to leave your info below in the comment section!

I will draw a random name, and announce the winner in the near future.

So I leave it in your hands!

Let me tempt you with this Mocha Marble Chocolate Cake…

And I understand if you don’t want a treat, well not really, but I do understand if you want to be kept anonymous… I kind of have a thing for mysterious people.

And beards.

As well as cornbread…

Not together though.

That’s kind of weird.


29 thoughts on “Wanna Cookie?

  1. My name is Tobias, and I just found your blog. I must say the food looks delicious, especially that mocha cake. To answer your question I don’t have a favorite food, but my favorite meal would have to be a freshly grilled swordfish stake a side of lime salsa, with a corn, bean and tomato salad, and watermelon for dessert(corona to drink). I look forwards to reading your next post!!!

  2. You have done a great job with the website! It looks great! You know I love goodies, so I would like to enter your contest!

    1.) Amanda
    2.) Can worcestershire sauce be a food?
    3.) I am trying to eat healthier, and have been successful in incorporating veggies in many of my meals. However I recently tried Hommus as a snack and despite all the positive Hype I found it rather boring and tasteless. What is in Hommus that makes it a healthy choice and how can I spice it up or substitute it?

    1. oooo i like this question! I eat Hummus almost everyday, but its not for everyone. Hummus consists of chickpeas and typically has tahini, (ground sesame seeds) and olive oil with other flavorings in it. It’s a great source of iron, vit c, fiber, but mostly known for its protein source. You can put it on your sandwiches, or use it as a dip with bread, crackers, and/or veggies.
      I like “tribe” brand because it is grainy. other brands like “sabra” and “josephs” have a smoother texture.
      also the flavor is key! i love any kind of hummus with the exception of lemon garlic (too tangy for me). It depends on what you like though. Some popular flavors are roasted red pepper hummus, garlic, and 40 spices (my favorite). You just have to pick your fav! I also like to make hummus because its so much cheaper! That stuff is priced like gold, unless its on sale, of course.
      But if you don’t like hummus, and still want a dip that’s healthy… try tzatziki, which is another greek staple made up of yogurt, garlic, and seasonings.

      Hope that helps!

      and worcestershire counts my dear!

  3. Hey Steph, it’s Nik. You know, from track. The 800 runner. Yeah, that one.

    If I had to pick one food as my favorite, I’d lean heavily towards corned beef hash. But practically any breakfast food is a strong contender. And I have a thing for cornbread as well.

    By the way, if, by mere chance, you pick me to win the baked treat, it would be much easier for you to get it to me than anyone else. Just saying.

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  5. First off I would just like to say I am very bitter about the I cannot win the contest deal. Secondly …… no just bitter.

    Anywho, favorite food has got to be Lasagna hands down. Made right that stuff is the bees knees. I would also like to point out that you never make it round the house either. Just thought I would throw that in.

    Awesoem blog Steph!

  6. what up gurlll. great blogs, my stomachs growling and im laughing pretty much the whole time.
    I too have a hard time picking a food, I could probably narrow it down to categories such as favorite fruit (raspberries), meat (tender bbq ribs), veggie (asparagus), fish (fresh haddock)…. form of potato (mashed with garlic and skins mashed in)…I could go on or even change my mind on someof these but its lunch time and thus far ive only eaten an apple.
    love ya!

  7. UMM hello, i don’t get nearly enough treats and i’ve been a reader since day one. and im your number one fan, constantly telling people about how cool you are so i suggest I win over all others. and lets see what my taste buds are feeling but i’ll have a slice of that mocha cake, or any form of cheesecake! hey even make a pumpkin one since your in the mood =)…. well anyways, i can’t believe my bestest friends are all part of this harry potter tribe.. i just don’t get it but i love you anyway… maybe i;ll watch them all one day.. love yaa boo

  8. 2&3. Really, out of all the food to choose from, my favorite is probably cereal haha..I could have it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I think it’s a textural thing. I like the mix of crunchy..or soggy..with liquid. Which is probably why I’m a big fan of soup too! I’m not a picky eater by any means (minus red/gamey meat, shellfish, and peanuts)- I’m actually a fellow foodie (loved the food porn daily website you posted haha). I saw the post you made on facebook for your site, probably around your 2nd or 3rd post, and that’s when I first checked it out. I like it! Your writing style/humor is actually kind of Alton Brown-esque.

  9. Since I wasn’t on the excluded list I guess I can enter.
    1. Mom
    2. Spashetti ( I know boring what can I say)
    3.I love reading your blog(and it’s not just because you are my daughter :) )

  10. Hey,

    Lets see my name is David and I would have to say my favorite food is my mothers meatloaf. I like this sight and blog. Ill see you around.


  11. 1. Shannon Rita Meehan, your fav teammate ;)
    2. my favorite thing to eat right now is a falafel wrap or hummus and warm pita; recently addicted to mediterranean cuisine… and of course, anything sweet!
    3. comment: Steph Reusch, you’re the most adorable ever! i love ya blog and you!

  12. hey steph its tumiii.

    im loving this blog of yours, you’re really doing a great job! i actually think ill be attempting to recreate your veggie fritatta and sweet potatoe home friess when im home this week!

    hmmm so lets seeee i have many favorite foods….vegetable lasagna and/or pasta, burritos and quesadillas, brown rice, anything greek (hold the lamb) oh and im still a vegetarian btw! i also have an unhealthy love for chocolate chip cookies (actually any cookie or baked treat really, im constantly experimenting with recipes so if you have some ideas for me let me know!) oh and another favorite thing i love is this whole wheat cranberry bread my mum makes. she loads it up with granola and lots of other goodies…..good god im so hungry right now this i not ok.

    alright well now that i’ve typed you a novel i should probably go attempt to find something good to eat in my dining hall (which will result in failure im sure)
    hope your semester has been good and that this finds you well! ohh and i hope im the lucky person who gets picked :D

  13. My name is Lara-Jane Que… not like you don’t know that haha
    favorite food… hmm… everyone? i gotta be more specific though… ill go with dessert… red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting…DELISH!

    and what i would like to ask or tell you… i’ll do both
    1. would you please teach you your cooking ways come intercession ? (since we have nothing better to do than run and eat right?)
    2. thank you for helping me out with my adventurous goal :) you know what i mean !

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