What Happens When a Foodie Has Spare Time

I’ve converted to the morning side…

And if you haven’t yet, maybe this will convince you….

If you know me, this is huge news. Food is a powerful tool, as I’ve mentioned before.

So what if I go to bed wondering what’s for lunch. Wait, lunch? She was just writing about breakfast!

Ah, I’ve already thought about what I was having for breakfast when it was dinner time. You should know me better than that….

Anywho, I was greeted to a warm cup of frenched press coffee with a lovely side of bruise this morning. Oh, my, is that some fancy french breakfast, you ask? No, I wish.

Okay, I’ll clear the confusion, now.

It was just turning bright outside around 6:30 when I heard screams echoing from my bathroom this morning. Thinking that my boyfriend was dying, I leapt out of bed and prepared for the worst.

At the exact same time that I saw Chance peeking out of the window, and the word “snow!” bellowing from his mouth, something (definitely alive) grabbed onto my feet for dear life.

My room is a death trap

Vaguely, I remember making a sharp left turn (throw a couple of awkward faces into the scene) where my bathroom door awaited me, and it was then as I flew past my window into my (80 year-old-hard-as-a-rock) door that I glimpsed the year’s first snow fall. There’s a possibility that I may have awoken my neighbors, and if not then definitely my entire house. When I crash, I crash hard.

Why is she telling me this?

What you’ve never laughed at the site of others falling?

(Raise hand) I do.

Well, as I sat down to write this post, I replayed the scene of this morning in slow-mo. I may have laughed out loud…at myself…by myself.

I think I may creep my roommates out, sometimes.

Luckily, I bake. Baking=Friends!

That’s not what foodies do in their spare time (crash into doors), if you were wondering. What I’m really here to talk about, other than me constantly wondering what I will eat 2 meals a head of time, and forgetting that I do have feet, is an entirely separate issue that needs to be addressed. I need to get this off my chest, so I can live freely without judgment.

This may be graphic for some…

In my spare time when I’m feeling lonely, you might find me checking these sweet babes out…Is this wrong? Yes, click it. It may get steamy. Please, use your discretion.

This guy, well, he’s just asking for it….

I do not think I have enough self-control to say no to these succulent buns.

Phew, I feel better now. Thanks for letting me share.

And, yes, you can use it for your enjoyment as well. Whatever you’re into. No judgments here at Love At First Bite.

P.S. if you are confused, click the link above ;)


2 thoughts on “What Happens When a Foodie Has Spare Time

  1. Bahaha. Well, I laughed. And it SNOWED in RI?!?! We had about 5 minutes of showers on Halloween, but nothin’ since then. And I am in Canada. I’m shocked. Totally.

    and oh, the joys of food porn daily… yeah, i don’t really like to admit it, but… i’m on there a few times a day. who am i kidding? no shame. ;)


  2. The picture of those pancakes – I have to know if it is yours. I don’t believe it is but oh they look reaallll good. And hey that line about the succulent buns was great :) Watch those doors too dear.

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