Fall Favorites

10 Reasons Why I Love Fall…..

#1: Pumpkin

Pumpkin Cranberry Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting

What can’t you make with pumpkin?
My favorite, this Fall, has been pumpkin pancakes with a dollop of Greek yogurt, and drizzled with real maple syrup… fluffy pumpkin-bliss.

How about some pumpkin oats? With canned pumpkin (or real), you can make that boring oatmeal into a bowl of pumpkin pie heaven. A little pumpkin, a dash of cinnamon, and a wee bit of brown sugar, and you have yourself a sweet, yet surprisingly healthy breakfast.

If you’re not looking for the healthy stuff (Although, if I may, pumpkin is quite the super-food.), and for those of you who don’t like the texture of pumpkin pie, try those pumpkin cranberry bars. You won’t be disappointed.


# 2 Butternut Squash

Roasted Butternut Squash Sprinkled with Goat Cheese

Simply roasted, mashed with a touch of cinnamon and brown sugar, or perhaps, sprinkled with goat cheese. Whatever style you’re craving, this veggie is a sweet treat that won’t make you feel guilty.


# 3 Apples

Homemade Apple Tart

Okay, I have to come clean…

I have yet to go apple picking this Fall.

Yeah, go ahead, judge me! I have, however, done my fair share of apple baking. That counts, right?

# 4 Cranberries

Photo courtesy of Sarah Reusch

And no, craisins do not count in this case. I’m talking fresh, picked berries from Cervelli’s Farm!

How many do you think you can fit into your mouth? I’ll tell ya… 24! Yeah, it was some long, cold days working at the farm, but worth every minute.

These go great in muffins, cookies, pancakes, pies, tarts, and even brownies to give them a sweet-bitter bite.

Words of foodie wisdom: never try to substitute craisins for the fresh stuff. Big let down.


# 5 Homemade Chili

30 Minute Every Veggie You Got + Beef Chili

All summer, I had been bugging my boyfriend to let me whip up some Chili for dinner. I mean it’s food, ya know. Why wouldn’t anyone want to eat food covered in cheese and sour cream?

“Chili, really, Steph? It’s 90 degrees out!”
I still don’t understand his reasoning.

But, look who’s bugging me now?
It’s the perfect meal to come home to after a crisp Autumn day or….



# 6 Canoeing

Taunton River...who knew, right?

Now, I love canoeing anytime of year. Well, I should actually go during the Winter to say that with confidence. TBA…

There’s just something about drifting on the water,
and munching on a pumpkin-cranberry bar,
while gazing upon the reflection of the vibrant fall foliage.
Ah, it just brings an indescribable joy…

Okay, that’s my attempt at poetry…yikes, indeed.


I just love eating food in the canoe. Chance does most (cough, all) of the paddling, while I eat most (I share, sometimes.) of the food.

Yep, it’s love at it’s best.



# 7 Baked Beans

He can't resist my beans ;)

No one makes better baked beans than my Mama. I would tell you that I’m a pretty close second, but I’d just be trying to boost my foodie-esteem.

Serve with a slice of Portuguese bread, or possibly a wedge of cornbread (The whole loaf if you’re me), and you have yourself a warm and hearty irresistible meal.

Hey now, don’t you judge me on my cornbread comment. That stuff is crack. Pure crack!

And, don’t use my nutrition background against me, either. Do you know how hard it is to eat a piece of cake in public?

….The stares.

Nutritionists should be allowed to eat their cake in peace, dammit!



# 8 Cornbread a.k.a. cake that can be served at breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner

Cornbread, Pork Covered with Stuffing, and Baked Beans

Cornbread baked in a cast iron skillet with a smear of honey=Steph’s weakness.

Do it.
Put a plate of cornbread in front of me.
Things will get ugly. Fast.

NOTE: “Now you can do without a lot of things, but a family can’t live without cornmeal.”

DAMN STRAIGHT. (Sorry, cornbread brings out the worst in me.)

# 9 Hunting Season =Never ending supply of meat!

NBD. Practicing for team Robin Hood... No joke. Check my sources... wait, don't I was kidding.

Venison, when cooked correctly, is like butter melting in your mouth. Lucky for me, I have a whole slew of family members (It’s a Reusch thing.) who hunt, so my meat supply is unlimited in the Fall.

Fresh, un-tampered with meat is a rare find these days, and it’s great if you have an opportunity to cook with it.

Stews, roasts, sausages, hamburgers, steak. Yep, you name it; it’s been done before.


# 10 Mac and Cheese, or your favorite comfort food.

Comfort foods: We all have them. Me, well, I have several for each season. Mac and Cheese being one of my Fall comforts.

Sorry, none of that easy mac shhhtuff. And to be quite frank, it’s just sheety compared to the homemade version.

If you’re going to make this yourself, please, don’t skimp on the cheese. This is comfort food; embrace the creamy goodness.

There are plenty of other reasons why I love Fall. Camping being one in particular, which is where I will be heading this weekend! (Hopefully. Crossing my fingers for good weather.) Of course, I need to have delicious food with me at all times, however, that can be difficult to accomplish. So, I decided that I was going to try to come up with some camping-friendly meals. Expect to see some treats/recipes soon!

And also, recipes from this post soon to come!

And hey, you! Tell me some of your Fall favorites!


7 thoughts on “Fall Favorites

  1. You have a blog! Awesome! It looks great :)

    I love all of these… fall is my fave season! I’ve never tried vension, though…

    chili & cornbread are probably my ultimate fave. but currently i can not get over roasted kabocha squash (best winter squash ever, imo)… and i pretty much like anything pumpkin.

    and this “Nutritionists should be allowed to eat their cake in peace, dammit!” is probably the best thing I’ve heard in a long time, haha!


    1. Hey Kristin! Yes, I couldn’t resist any longer! I’m really glad that you checked it out :) It’s becoming an addiction…

  2. You just love taunting me with those cast iron skillet…Mem will find some for me too soon.

    p.s. wanna hear something funny?

    Phil was lighting a match yesterday and singed his eyelashes…didn’t even know it. Now they’re curl at the end on one side

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