Foodie Tip Chronicles

# 1: Never Send a Foodie to the Grocery Store for Milk…

Let me describe this to you in a hypothetical situation in which you ask your foodie friend to pick up some milk:

It’s a Friday night, and your foodie friend is driving back home from the sushi restaurant that she just pigged out at with her best friend. While on her way home, she receives a phone call from you asking to pick up some milk for the pumpkin pancakes in the morning.

Being that the grocery store is conveniently on the way home, she decides to make a quick trip for you. Real quick though because she has stuff to do since it’s Friday night and all.

So let me break down the hypothetical series of events that occur while at the grocery store…

She is almost featured on the 10 o’clock news for taking out two innocent bystanders after screaming out loud that she forgot her reusable bags (A.K.A. pain in the bum bags) in her trunk.

Questions if she truly is a track-athlete after sadly being out of breath from running 100 yards, no, make it 50 yards, to her car for the so-called earth saving bags.

Grabs an over-sized carriage (normal people don’t need a carriage for one gallon of milk, by the way), and thought to herself, “no wonder why people steal these things; you could make a house out of ’em!”

Comes out 70 bucks poorer 45 minutes later, and the closest thing to milk that she buys is coconut milk ice cream that’s on sale.

So, she runs back inside, and tries to ignore the frightened look from the little girl in the meat section, who probably got a glimpse of her jumping up and down at the sight of chicken breast on sale.

Resists the urge to go down the baking aisle to snag the Ghiradelli white chocolate chips on sale, but later fails and ends up grabbing not only the white chips, but the ginormous bag of flour on sale as well.

Ultimately, she arrives at the dairy section, where she grabs the very reason for entering the store in the first place….

And you ask, all this just for milk?

Well, you should have known better than to ask a  foodie to go to a food store for just a gallon of milk. Hey, at least you scored a shweet treat out of it, right?

Not to mention the awesome breakfast she’ll make in the morning for you…so there are benefits of having a foodie friend. Just don’t ask them to make a quick run to the grocery store.

And for the record that’s all hypothetical. Your foodie friend would most likely be out at the bar, or some party because no college-student would spend their Friday night in a grocery store….


6 thoughts on “Foodie Tip Chronicles

  1. I really loved those “hypothetical” pumpkin pancakes. They were delicious. Oh and I would like some info on that coconut milk ice cream. Sounds interesting. That’s the kind of thing that happens when you go out for a quick trip – you find all kinds of interesting items and ideas. Keep ’em coming Steph :)

  2. Phil and I really like your blog. we were reading it while we had our measly store bought muffins for breakfast and now I have a stomach ache. I would also like to try the coconut cream ice cream.

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