Malted Pineapple?


So, I know I haven’t posted in a wee bit, but there’s been good reasons for my disappearances. Well, first of all, I should let you all know that I most likely will not be able to post everyday. Don’t tear up now…you can still check it out everyday! Unfortunately, between school, track, and cooking, (And oh, yeah, my new job!) I have very little time left for Love at First Bite. Dontcha worry though; there still will be plenty of post lovin for you all.

Oh, yeah, so about my new internship!…I’ll be working at Lang Naturals in Newport for the rest of the year as a lab assistant/technician.

You may have just pictured me in a lab coat pouring bubbling, lime green chemicals into a beaker, but it’s not quite like that. Actually…. it’s way cooler! I can’t really discuss some of the details because I had to sign a confidentiality contract (chya), but I can tell you what my boss told me to say when asked what I do….

….I bake brownies…. yes, yes, perfect, I know! They are special brownies though. No, not that kind. I’ll be working on a project to make protein brownies. And yes, I’ll do the typical intern stuff around the office/lab, but telling people I get paid to bake brownies just seems the way to go.

The company does a lot of private business for CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and many more. But since their private, you probably aren’t familiar with their name since they aren’t featured on the labels. They do the behind the scenes type of thing.

Get this: my office is a kitchen lab…. AND being a company that develops food products, of course, their whole office is centered around a kitchen…. I’m definitely bringing my lunch there to eat. Dave, my boss, even said I can cook for everyone… SHWEET.

Today was my first day, and since the lab is pretty messy because their food scientist works from home now (Yeah, I don’t know how that goes either), I did lots of cleaning/organizing.

Ever read the back of, let’s say, a Power Bar’s ingredient list?  Holy ingredients, right? Well, I’ll be uncovering the mystery behind all those crazy tongue twisting words.

Did you know that there’s such thing as malted pineapple? I never knew fruits could be transformed in so many ways. As I was cleaning, I came across about a dozen different packages for just pineapple! Freeze dried. Powdered. Malted. Dried. Crystallized. Liquid. Seeds? (Yes, I questioned that one as well) And the list just goes on with endless amounts of crazy concoctions of fruits and even veggies….spinach tablets (yikes).

Oi! And the flavor extracts they had! Man, I thought I was cool for having a little spot tucked away on my spice shelf; especially for my banana and coconut extracts. They totally beat me to the punch with cookies and cream though, and not to mention their other three shelves stacked with over 500 flavors.

One of my bosses, whom I’ve yet to meet, is a food writer on the side, and apparently a pretty spectacular one at that considering he won the James Beard award, which is kind of like the Noble Prize Award for food writers. Okay, maybe that was a bit extreme, but in any case, he knows his stuff. Even more exciting, Dave’s wife is a chef! Unbelievable. I don’t know how this fell into my lap, but I’m rolling with it.

It’s going to be a great learning experience, and hopefully it will prepare me with my future culinary aspirations ;)  I’ll try to keep you updated with whatever information I’m allowed to share… which may not be much.

Lang Naturals:

Part II of Solo Dinners to come soon!


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