Good Breakfast = Great Day

Ah, I love the mornings… when I wake up for them that is. This morning, I was awoken to the sound of stomping feet descending down the stairs. Twenty minutes later, Hayden barged through my door. “Yo! Let’s get breakfast!”

Breakfast, once my least favorite meal of the day, is now my reason for dragging myself out of bed in the morning. Food is a powerful bribing tool on me…hmm probably shouldn’t share that.

Anywho, breakfast does not have to be your mundane bowl of cereal, blazay eggs, and piece of toast. No, my friends, as I (or your childhood pop group, the Spice Girls, and ya I’m not afraid to admit it) like to say, spice up ya life! …or breakfast for that matter. This morning, since it was Saturday, I thought about making some pancakes. That was until Hayden talked me into going out for breakfast.

It was a beautiful day outside, so we decided to walk to Cafe Swirl, a new joint that had just opened. Unfortunately, for us, it was closed, but luckily, we were able to walk around the corner to find Crazy Burger, a little greasy spoon (ma and pa joint) tucked away in Narragansett.

Usually, when I go out for breakfast, I like to order a veggie omelet with some home-fries. Today was a different day; a very delicious different day…

Well, after all, I did say that I wanted to make pancakes; close enough, right?

I’m not sure my description will do justice, so here’s what the menu told me I was feasting on:

PANCAKE STUFFIES: Two multi-grain pancakes stacked & stuffed with peach compote & sweetened cream cheese. Topped with granola crumble & whipped cream.

Oh yeah, baby, they don’t mess around at Crazy Burger. I also ordered a side of fresh fruit, and of course, ya can’t go without the coffee.

Hayden ordered the Mexi Eggs, which was some eggs, guacamole, black beans, cheese, lettuce, salsa, and anything else you can imagine nesting in a ginormous bowl-shaped fried tortilla …minus the meat though. The presentation was quite impressive. Zach chose the Surfer Style meal, which was your basic eggs, pancake, meat, brioche, home-fries, juice, and coffee. Yeah…get why they call it surfer style now?

If you live in Narragansett, or decide to visit Narragansett, I definitely recommend checking this place out. Quality food, great people, and unique atmosphere, at least in my experiences. They were even shown on the Food Network’s Diner’s Drive-In’s and Dives series.

But I should also share with you where we ate…

This was what really won me over. Out of all my previous visits, I never even knew this existed! It was a such a cozy little nook! We even had a heater on the side of us because it was a bit chilly today. A lovely fall day though, especially for apple picking, but that’s another story.

After that heart-warming breakfast we headed down to the beach for a walk. About halfway to the dock I realized,”Oh man, it’s Saturday…FARMER’S MARKET!” For whatever reason, we always end up missing them, but not today! So we pranced back to our home, hopped into the Saab, and headed to Casey’s farmer’s market.

It’s located on route 1A, and is becoming quite the hip-happening spot. A variety of meats (even lamb!), goat cheese, fresh fruits and veggies, wood carvings, pastries, organic clothing, a man playing a banjo, you name it, and it was probably there!

I heart farmer’s markets; they really warm me to the bone…

Anywho, so I took the opportunity to get some fresh veggies, and the boys bought some other goodies.
Holy green veggies! And yes, that’s cheese. There were cookies, but those disappeared fast…

Now I’m gonna have to do some serious cooking over the next couple of days to make sure this stuff gets put to use!

Thanks to that peachy goodness and the joy that came from watching that man playing his banjo (love banjos!) at the farmer’s market, I had one of my best mornings yet. I gotta say, there’s not much that can compete with starting your day off with a hearty breakfast. Whatever your special b-fast may be, you know that your day is going be that much better…


One thought on “Good Breakfast = Great Day

  1. your breakfast sounds better than mine – portuguese bread toasted with butter and coffee blah.
    Was that a large loaf of bread you featured with your veggies?

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