Solo Dinner: Part I

So, lately I’ve been making dinner for myself, and many of you know that can be a tricky task, unless you’re just looking to eat a bowl of cereal (to each’s own). However, if you’re looking for a bit of spice in ya life then I have some ideas for you. The Quinoa dish was my first of three solo dinners. Because I was so busy being a nerd last night, I wasn’t able to post my dinner, but alas! Oh yes, fried calamari…and yes, you can easily make this at your home. Choose your favorite oil for frying (I used vegetable because that’s all I had) and make sure the oil isn’t too hot. Trust me on this one… It should be around 375 degrees, but if you don’t have a thermometer like me (I’m working on it!) just make sure your heat is not set to super high.
I added some leftover marinara sauce as a little bed for my calamari, sautéed up some peas, and added some banana peppers into the mix. Oh yeah, and garlic. It was quite the serving, I know, but I didn’t finish it all. Nope, sorry… that’s a lie; I did and it was fabulous.

Making your own fried foods most likely will be healthier than your favorite restaurant’s version because you are controlling what you put into it. That’s the beauty of cooking yourself; you’re in control. Well, most of the time, unless you turn your oil up to 394823 degrees. Bad things will happen…

Last night, I was in a baking mood, but couldn’t spare the time. Honestly, I was craving homemade cookie dough…yeah tell me about it ladies. Sadly though, after looking in the fridge and realizing I didn’t have any eggs, I cried for a minute or two, sucked it up, and turned on some Glee. All was well in about 4 minutes after listening to Don’t Rain on My Parade (good song, don’t judge). For you Glee haters, you should appreciate the fact that I was given inspiration to create cookie dough without eggs.

Ever heard of raw vegan cookie dough balls? “Ew, Steph, raw vegan balls?” I am no vegan, (props to those who are), but these balls are damn good. Basically, how I made these puppies… oh, did I show you them? You’re probably picturing green leafy dough balls, right? Check ’em out:

Raw Vegan Choco Chip Cookie Dough Balls

Getting back to the process, I started out with oats (oatmeal), and pecans (use your favorite nut). In my food processor, (or blender) I made an oat & nut “flour.” Depending upon the nut, and how fancy your food processor is this may take a couple of minutes.

It should look something like this:

If you can get it to be even finer than this that’s great, too. Then I just added some maple syrup, and agave nectar (maple flavor) and vanilla extract. If you don’t have the agave nectar then go buy some! No, no, I can’t force you, but agave is a gem. If you don’t have it though, you can use more maple syrup.

It should look like this after you add the sweet stuff:

Ah, I could have just eaten this as is. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the chips either. I rolled mine miniature sized, but you can make them softball sized if you’re into that, I suppose… Once these cuties are formed, plop them into the freezer to harden.

So I bet you’re wondering: Did it taste like cookie dough? Personally, I thought it was better. I even made another batch with added coco powder, but I wish I had added some choco chips for texture. You can be as creative as you want with this recipe. Oatmeal raisin, butterscotch, oatmeal butterscotch, coconut, and even cover them in dark chocolate.

Think about the ingredients for a minute though. What did I use?..nuts, oats, real(that’s key) maple syrup (maybe even adding some ground flax-seed for that extra nutrient boost). To me though, it’s a healthy keeper and a great snack. That is of course, if you can keep yourself from eating more than two…

…I failed.


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