I Live By My Motto

I’ll just cut right to the chase here people: Cheesecake

Tonight I lived by my blog motto: “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first.” I can see the faces on my nutrition peers now. This is why I am the misfit nutrition major, but I’ll explain more about that sometime later!

Anyway, after an intense practice, I decided it was time for my daily treat. So, I hopped into my shaggin’ waggin’ (thanks to mama for the van!), jammed out to some Journey, and headed to one of my favorite coffee shops in Rhode Island, Brewed Awakenings. My mouth was watering for something sweet of course, but also something rich. Yes, I am particular about my desserts.

It was a tough choice between the banana and ricotta cheesecake. Ricotta? It’s actually a secret gem in a lot of desserts (pancakes, cannolis, tarts).  I know that may sound strange, maybe even gross to some of you, but OH MY CHEESECAKE. It all happened so fast to tell you the truth. One minute, I’m holding a cheesecake in my hand, and the next minute, “oh, wait did I just eat cheesecake?” It’s coming back to me in phases though, so lucky for you folks I can recall how it tasted.

Somewhere underneath that luxuriously, smooth ricotta filling, laid a crust. And in that crust, a hidden layer of heaven awaited me; possibly caramel, or butterscotch. Whatever it may have been was just enough that it left me guessing and wanting more. I would share a picture with you all, however, I ate it before I got home…oops.

Oh, and I should mention that it was a Cheesecake Factory treat. Oh yeah, Brewed is that good people, and a great place to study if you feel like getting your nerd on.

SO, YA fellow nutrition majors, I ate my dessert first, and it was delicious, too.


4 thoughts on “I Live By My Motto

  1. It’s midnight and I just read your post…I’m going to break into Brewed and get me a slice of cheesecake!!!

    You know what… that’s what im gunna do tomorrow!

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