Not So Glee

So as you Gleeks out there well know, Tuesdays are Glee nights. And tonight was supposed to be a special night for me and LJ. A night to dance like fools, squeal like children, and listen to those Gleeks sing their nerdy hearts out. However, there was no dancing tonight…It was (I won’t say completely ruined because that’s harsh), but it was tainted by some Gleek haters. Yes, unfortunately not everyone can appreciate Glee for it’s true colors, and sadly, LJ and I have learned the hard way to never repeat NEVER watch Glee with haters again. I am going to have to watch Glee a second time tonight (and maybe throw some glee songs in there) to make up for what I have lost. ANYWHO

pizzzza pizzzza

Tonight, we thought we’d make pizza…yes, again because well, how can you go wrong with homemade pizza? And since tonight’s Glee party was at my house, I decided to make fresh dough! This recipe is the best I’ve tried, or at least made, and it’s not just because I have a special place for it in my heart. I discovered it from my inspiration, Jenna, the creator of the Eat, Live, Run Blog. You gotta check her website out, she’s a cutie and has the best treats!

So tonight’s pizza selection was quite similar to last week’s choices with a few minor detail changes. Since I wasn’t just feeding LJ and Sammy, who wanted the white pizza from last week’s Gleek Out, I had to make the boys a red pizza with what else?…meat of course!

The white pizza was loaded with spinach and when I say loaded, I mean it was piled about 39849 inches high.. okay maybe not quite that high, but LJ did a pretty good job at making sure we had plenty of calcium and antioxidants in our pizza. It actually started to look like a spinach plant and I had to cut LJ off from the spinach..girl loves her spinach, which is okay with me.

LJ loving spinach, and Sammy being a glee hater

I also threw some broccoli in there for good measure. However, surprisingly, I found the frozen broccoli to be a better choice than the fresh I used tonight.

The guys pizza (even though we dug into it while they were gone) had chorizo, banana peppers (so yummy on pizza!), green peppers, onions, and lots o’ cheese! I had to use a cacciatore sauce, (which I’ve actually been meaning to make!) since we were all out of tomato sauce. I know.. who runs out of tomato sauce?

Good eats.

I also added some spices to the pies for that extra kick- the usual, garlic powder, oh man, I forgot the salt and pepper!, and oregano (white pizza).

Oh, and of course, for all of you who know me, I always need to have a side of veggies with my meal, and since the spinach wasn’t satisfying my conscience, I thought a salad would do nicely. My new thing lately is to sautee my salad veggies. Warm veggies in a salad? Yes, I know that may sound strange to some of you folks, but don’t be fooled. That extra sauteing adds a subtle yet powerful flavor component to your salad. Try it out sometime. You can use whatever veggies satisfy your soul.

Green peppers, garlic, onions, corn, peas

I put the veggies over lettuce/spinach, and cut up some carrots because they add a great crunch to the salad. My next task will be to come up with a delicious salad dressing. Sammy likes to sprinkle just lime juice over her salad, which is a healthy, refreshing way to dress your salad up. Although I keep forgetting to try it!

Now on to the dessert because we all know that a day is not complete without a dessert.. or at least in my life. I was actually really excited about making tonight’s dessert, although when am I not? Tonight’s dessert had been on my list of things to bake for a while though. Jenna made these cupcakes a while back, and ever since I laid my eyes on those puppies, I haven’t stopped thinking about them. Yes, I think they call that a problem, but I can live with that.  LJ went to town making the cupcakes.

She's precise in her measurements. Don't mess.

They came out a little flat because I had to make my own buttermilk (1 cup milk, 1 tbsp lemon juice) since I had none, and I figured ey, why not make my own? They still tasted yummy though! Honestly, what I was truly looking forward to was the brown sugar butter cream frosting (courtesy of Jenna).

buttaa cream

Oh, yeah, brown sugar. It was quite buttery let me tell ya, but that’s butter cream frosting for ya.

Besides the Glee haters, tonight’s Glee episode was pretty awesome considering it was about Britney Spears. Although after I finish this, I’m jamming out to some Glee in my 4×4 sq ft. bedroom to make up for the Glee haters tonight.


2 thoughts on “Not So Glee

  1. never again will we watch glee with the boys… they did ruin it…BUT on to the next! next week is gunna be better and we’ll have to start planning out the next meal! ps. i look like a goob in the pics…but whatevaaaa

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