Gleek Out!

Tonight, my friends,  was a special night…

The season premiere of Glee was being featured at 8! Now, I know what a lot of you are already thinking… but it’s a good show! Don’t judge me….

Well anyway, of course, I used this as an excuse to cook yummy food. We decided on pizza, and yes, it was homemade! Well actually, I bought the dough (whole wheat!) because I didn’t have time to make my own before practice, but it was still fabulous! Nice and hearty as Ms. Que said. LJ and I needed some cheese and ended up going to every pizza store on campus before finally giving up and going to Cumbies. Any pizza joint that doesn’t sell dough, cheese, or sauce, (especially when two hot babes walk in there in spandex) is no pizza joint in my book. All judgments aside, I’ve come to the conclusion that I definitely prefer white pizza over red pizza. Mmm just something about garlic, olive oil, and herbs with melted mozzarella that warms my soul…. Anywho we made 2 pizzas: white and red

The white pizza had a TON of spinach on one side and the other had broccoli. I might have added some oregano in there for extra pizzaz. Oh yeah, and LOTS and LOTS of garlic! This was the favorite of the night. The other pizza… and I say that like its the black sheep… was okay. It needed some love as in parm cheese, but LJ saved the day, and we sprinkled it on while we ate it. There was also sauteed onions and garlic with turkey meat, but it wasn’t as delish as the white pizza.

I wanted to make a dessert, (obviously) but it had to be something  in honor of Glee. And then it hit me as I was driving by a 7-11…. slushies! For all of you who don’t watch Glee, nor know what Glee club is, to put it nicely…ya a losa if your in, or were in (sorry mom) Glee club. In Fox’s show, all the glee members have slushies thrown in their face. So in honor of all those gleeks, LJ and I made strawberry slushies…maybe with a little extra something added in there ;) SO good and refreshing! Me and LJ were gleeking out when the first scene was of Kurt getting a strawberry slushi thrown in his face! I felt touched….

Sammy officially became a gleek

They probably would have been healthy minus the sugar we dumped in and the wine, but whatevs. Live ya life right? Nothing better than spending a night eating pizza, drinking wine-slushies, and watching glee with my loves :) OH and Glee was gleetastic!


4 thoughts on “Gleek Out!

  1. I was chuckling throughout the reading. Classic Steph!!
    Oh and you will have to show me how to make that white pizza.(since your dad is not into tomato sauce anymore)

  2. ya i loved the white pizza. hmmm i’m totally stealing your idea with the fresh garlique. new spelling. anyways i can’t believe my face is on a posting of glee. good lord. get some pics of the fam and chancey up here! but the slushies were the best i’ve ever had! were those frozen strawberries or fresh?

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