Sammy’s 21st

Okay I’m just doing some test runs… I want to post some pictures of my weekend because well it involved a crazy cake that I must share with you all! It was one of my bestie’s 21st birthday, and her lovely mom bought her this beautiful cake!

Oh and you can bet I sampled every single layer, and by sample I mean I had 3 pieces of cake… they were small!… kind of…

The first layer was red velvet with a cream cheese frosting… AH! so good. I think it’s safe for me to say that this is the best version I’ve ever had. Yes, I know that’s heavy to say, but I don’t mess around with my cakes.

Second Layer: Vanilla cake with raspberry filling….so moist and delicious

And last but not least: pound cake with buttercream frosting… yeah you can’t forget the butter cream frosting.

I gotta say though… I’m not a fan of the fondant. Don’t get me wrong it tasted fabulous, but I prefer a rich, smooth melt in your mouth frosting…ya know what I’m sayin?

Okay, I’m officially heading to bed since it’s now 2 am, and I told myself I would go to bed 2 hours ago! Good thing I don’t have any classes tomorrow : )


2 thoughts on “Sammy’s 21st

  1. Hi ma! i love your blog and to be honest it’s getting me through the last twenty minutes at work. Reading the blog you wrote about my birthday cake made me very happy seeing how I didn’t try any! but with your rich descriptions, I now know it was delicious. I can’t believe your comment on the red velvet…NOW I WANT SOME! i agree on the fondant btw but what else can make a beautiful shaped thing? come up with genius gf!

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