My first blog!

Hi everyone! (a.k.a. mom, dad,((yes, mom I know you probably will show this to him)), my sista Sam, Chance, LJ, and Sammy)

So this is my first blog! AH! so exciting, but guess what? I only told you peeps, yep. Well let’s be honest, what do I have to write about at the moment? I’m thinking about documenting the rest of my senior year through a foodie perspective. Why not? I’ll have my close family and friends, such as you guys, check it out. It’s 11:00 pm and I’m currently craving a goodie.. of course.. but I’m going to explore a little more on this site! Wish me luck :)

Stephanie Rose

P.S. I’m open to suggestions!


4 thoughts on “My first blog!

    1. OMG!! this is fabulous. I wish I was as creative : ) but i am not so i will just compliment you……

      I can not believe home pride wheat bread is not WHOLE wheat soooo deceiving is it not? tricked me anyway.

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